Honeywell and, satellite maker, Inmarset are expected to announce a deal today that will increase your access to hi-speed Internet on airplanes. According to the Wall Street Journal: “The 20-year agreement, expected to be announced Wednesday, will bring faster speeds and more seamless Wi-Fi services to global flights, raising the prospect that fliers could stream video on thousands of jetliners, business jets and government planes.” No more looking over your neighbor’s shoulder to sneak peeks of Transformers, because even though you would never pay for that movie, you’re still curious. Go ahead, show your fellow passengers how cool you are and stream something Criterion Collection via Hulu.

Right now the majority of in-flight Internet service is connected via towers on the ground, which transmit at around 3.1 megabits per second. Communicating with satellites would make for a much speedier (50 megabits per second), more seamless browsing experience.