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LulzSec honcho tips off the Feds?

Marc Sanchez Mar 6, 2012

Fox News is reporting that the ‘leader’ of LulzSec, who goes by the name Sabu, is flip-flopping like a trout on a boat. Apparently, Sabu (nee Hector Xavier Monsegur) has been working with the FBI “for months.” Perhaps he’s re-thinking this whole life of crime thing now that he’s actually looking at real jail time. Early morning raids were conducted on two continents today. Three arrests were made and another two suspects were charged with conspiracy.


Fox News writes:

… the unemployed, 28-year-old father of two allegedly commanded a loosely organized, international team of perhaps thousands of hackers from his nerve center in a public housing project on New York’s Lower East Side. After the FBI unmasked Monsegur last June, he became a cooperating witness, sources told FoxNews.com.

LulzSec, short for Lulz Security, sprang up last year, as an offshoot of Anonymous. It was known for a more prankish style, re-imagining the theme to the “Love Boat” as its own. It disappeared about as quickly as it appeared, asking its followers to work with Anonymous. Even with arrests, however, it’s tough to say for sure whether law enforcement caught the crooks. And even if they did, these hacking collectives are so loosely based that when one goes down, or gets arrested, another will usually rise up.


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