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Play the Super PAC Name Game!

Matt Berger Feb 8, 2012

“Crossroads.” Is that the name of a Britney Spears movie or a political action committee?

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know the answer, or even if you do know the answer. There are more than 300 organizations registered as so-called Super PACS this election season, according to, an organization that tracks that data. And many of them come with names even more obscure than this one. (P.S. “Crossroads” is a Britney Spears movie. The Super PAC you might be confused with is called “American Crossroads,” and it has raised more than $1 million this election year.)

Super PACs are a special kind of political action committee that raise funds from individuals, corporations, unions, and other organizations, and then spend that money to campaign for or against candidates.  So far this election season, Super PACs have raised more than $98 million.

With so much potential power to wield, we here at Marketplace wondered why many of these groups couldn’t come up with better names. That prompted us to invent a fun quiz game for our program today, and even one that you can play with your friends and family at home. Here are a few sample questions:

America Get Up: Is this a Super PAC or the name of a local morning TV show?
(Super PAC)

The Internet: Is this a Super PAC or the name of the thing we use every day to check our email?

Feel the Heat: Is this a Super PAC or the name or a Beyonce perfume?
(Super PAC, her perfume is called Heat)

Turn Right USA: Is this a Super PAC or the name of a driving school?
(Super PAC)

American Restoration: Is this a Super PAC or the name of a history channel TV show?
(History Channel TV show)

Raising Red: Is this a super pac or the name of a nail polish?
(Super PAC)

Brady Bunch: Is this a Super PAC or the name of a 1970s Tv show?

Patriots Renewal: Is this a Super PAC or the name of booster club for the New England Patriots?
(neither. The Super PAC is called Patriots Fund)

Our Voice: Is this a Super PAC or the name of a fan website for the show, The Voice.
(Super PAC)

New Hope: Is this a Super PAC or the name of the Star Wars movie?
(Super PAC. The movie is called “A New Hope”)

Joe Six PAC: Is this a Super PAC or the name of the winner of my fantasy football team?
(Super PAC)

Here are a few other favorites from the full list of Super PACs, along with some fodder you can use to make up a few questions of your own:

Winning Our Future – No relation to Charlie Sheen

Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow – You can thank Stephen Colbert for this one.

A SuperPAC for Hire – No beating around the bush here.

Wolf PAC – Better than a pack of wild dogs.

Bank of America Customers Super PAC – This one probably shrunk after BofA announced that $5 monthly fee.

CARMEN’S List – No, this is not a classifieds website or a place to post a review of your contractor or doctor.

50 State Strategy – Glad they decided not to leave any of us out.

Conservatives for Truth – As opposed to the one in favor of lying?

Peach Tea PAC – They must drink a lot of herbal tea.

Downtown for Democracy – Sorry, I misread that as “Downton for Democracy.” I love that show.

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