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Kelsey Martinez: My name is Kelsey Martinez. We're right now in the Music Center campus at downtown Los Angeles. My wallet is brown, it's a Fossil. I have believe it came from some generic department store. I have assorted key cards for entry into places. Business cards of people I don't recall, Just In Case It Rains Productions. There's a little free advertisement for them. I'm going to promptly clean my wallet after this experience.

Couple of credit cards, I have a Charlie card for Boston. A Charlie card is basically, it's public transportation in Boston. So they're Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority -- the "T" as they call it, I believe. I used to have a beau in Boston. I lived in New York, so I would often visit him. And when I would go to Boston, I would take the "T" around. So there's absolutely no logical reason for me to still have it. I'm a cheapskate. I think there's a dollar on there, and if I'm ever in Boston, I can get on the "T." Or at least pay for part of a trip on the "T."

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