This from producer and Palm owner Larissa Anderson:
Palm! Maybe one day my obsolete smartphone will be able to synch up with my oven! and my car! The Wall Street Journal writes about how HP is trying to woo appliance and auto makers to use its webOS in the stuff they make.

From the WSJ:

And many companies say they remain open to the prospect of using webOS, though they haven't made any decisions yet. Virgin America Inc. said it is studying options--including webOS--for upgrading its in-flight entertainment system, which is expected to make its debut later this year. The company is seeking a system that can play live television channels and accommodate travelers' food and drink orders on a screen.

"We see this setting as unique and being able to tailor that experience to people who travel is important," said Abby Lunardini, a spokeswoman for the airline. She said the multimillion-dollar upgrade will likely provide the company's technology base for the next five to 10 years.

Still, many manufacturers aren't sold on the need to have such a complex operating system in relatively low-tech products such as washing machines and toasters.

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