Posted by Katharine Crnko

For Marketplace Morning Report, Monday May 2, 2011

Here are today's top headlines from the Marketplace Morning Report and from around the web.

Chrysler this morning said it made a profit for the first time since exiting bankruptcy.

Dish Network said its profit more than doubled.

The Institute for Supply Management said growth in the U.S. manufacturing sector slowed for the second time in a row last month.

Construction spending however was up nearly 1.5 percent for the month of March, according to the Commerce Department.

The merger between low cost airlines Southwest and AirTran is expected to be finalized today. The Justice Department says the merger is not likely to lessen competition but some analysts say the fewer airlines out there the more expensive tickets will be.

To the world of sharks. A study out today from the Australian Institute of Marine Science finds sharks are far more valuable as a tourist attraction than a meal. Researchers say the sharks around the island nation of Palau are worth just $10,800 each when they're sold in pieces for food. But if those same sharks are left to swim with the tourists they're worth $179,000 each -- when you add up the money divers spend on airfare, hotels and dive trips.

You can read the rest of today's stories from the Marketplace Morning Report here.

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