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World’s biggest Pac Man game

John Moe Apr 14, 2011

Why back in my day, we had to pay a SHINY QUARTER if we wanted to move Pac Man around a screen. He gobbled dots and ate fruit and got hunted and killed by ghosts – JUST LIKE WE ALL DO!

But whipper snappers today with their internet and computers can get FREE Pac Man on the WORLD’S BIGGEST COURSE.

Dozens of Pac Man courses are laid out on a massive grid and you can choose where you want to start. When you go out the side of the course, you don’t magically reappear on the other side, you show up on a whole new course. You can even design your own courses and contribute to the massive grid.

Oh, it’s fun because it reminds of the futility of life. A ghost will always eat you in the end. Have a nice day!

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