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Tess Vigeland: Before we release Frank from his duties, we asked him to answer one more question for us.

Frank Degen: I'm a light carrier. I have no money. I never put money in my wallet. I do have money in my pocket, but in my wallet. So basically, I have my driver's license, couple of charge cards, health insurance card and last but not least, my enrolled agent card. I never leave home without it.

Doesn't have a picture. It's just laminated. It has on the front of it has "U.S. Treasury," your name and the expiration date. And on the back, I think it has my signature and "Drop in the mailbox if found."

It might be tempting to go to a hotel and ask for government rate. But no, that's a no-no. The only time you show it, basically in all seriousness, is when you do an audit or a collection activity, some revenue agents or revenue offices do ask to see it.

I shoulda said pictures of my girlfriends! That would've gotten attention, right? No, seriously, my wife would kill me, after 43 years, I'd be in trouble!

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