Posted by Christina Huh

For Marketplace Money, Friday, February 25, 2011

We tackled a lot of life's big financial decisions in this week's episode. We talked to a father about what he learned about trying to get your kid into college and about the future of pre-paid tuition program.s The ladies of "Spousonomics" returned to help a couple prepare for a new addition to their family. We also talked about the the importance of military personnel to assign a power of attorney before they ship out. Tess touched based with a family we talked to last month, while they were trying to get a mortgage remodification and reporter David Gura talks about the pros and cons of downpayment assistance programs. And in preparation for the Oscars weekend, top movie critics gave their picks for Best Money-Themed Picture.

  • Prince of Peace - School of the Seven BellsBuy
  • Strapped for Cash - Fountains of WayneBuy
  • I'm in Love with a Ripper - YachtBuy
  • La Femme d'ArgentBuy