A self-proclaimed patriot and "hacktivist" (which I guess is a word now) is claiming responsibility for a couple of recent directed denial of service attacks against the Wikileaks website. He goes by the name "Jester" and his blog and Twitter feed both contain mention of bringing down the site. The same hacker has claimed to bring down many other sites, including those of Al-Qaeda linked organizations, all in the name of patriotism.

One of the ways Wikileaks dealt with the attacks was to move itself over to servers run and rented out by Amazon.com.
Given that these servers are operated by an American company, that would seem to open up Amazon to all sorts of liability. But whatever, good luck Amazon. Because of espionage and all.

Also, Julian Assange now has an arrest warrant issued by Interpol for "sex crimes".

And Newt Gingrich says Assange is an enemy combatant who should be jailed for life.

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