Today's big story was Ireland. Yesterday, the country agreed to a bailout from The European Central Bank and the IMF, though the terms and specifics are not known yet. Ireland expects to receive more than $100 billion. After the announcement, the focus turned to the people of Ireland, who are shell-shocked by the decision, and upset that Ireland's independence is now up for debate.

Michelle Obama is expected to announce a program to put 5,000 salad bars in schools as part of her campaign against childhood obesity. Low-income Londoners could lose major apartment subsidies due to deep-cut backs. A lousy economy and a glut of vacant homes are creating headaches for the utility company that serves Detroit, Michigan.

And in China, where many people pay a premium for an auspicious number combination, changing your number can bring bad luck. China's government announced a solution: A pilot project that will allow Chinese to keep their phone numbers even if they change carriers.