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JEREMY HOBSON: A report out today says while investors have shied away from many managed stock market funds since the financial meltdown, so called socially responsible investing has grown.

Eve Troeh reports from the Marketplace Sustainability Desk.

Eve Troeh: Socially responsible investing means looking at the overall impact a company has on the world, not just its profits. Matt Christensen is director of the European Sustainable Investment Forum. He says in tough times, investors think that's a trustworthy approach.

Matt Christensen: One of the reasons is because many say it's how you look at the whole portfolio now, and being open about the reasons, the rationale, the investment methodology, the process.

In other words, transparency. Sustainable funds often screen companies for everything from safety records to carbon emissions. That attracts investors who want to avoid financial risk.

Doing good is a bonus, says Cary Krosinsky at TruCost.

Cary Krosinsky: Sustainable investing is about trying to find value, not investing to your values, and that's a very sharp distinction.

A distinction he says can give this type of investing a real edge, not just a halo.

I'm Eve Troeh for Marketplace.

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