Good news -- new people filing for unemployment dropped to the lowest level since July. In judicial news, before the U.S. Supreme Court is a case that will decide if banning class actions lawsuits is unconstitutional. As the holiday season approaches, we learn how the price of cotton could affect your shopping plans.

Which country, the U.S. or China, will face the wrath of the G20 summit, which begins tomorrow in South Korea? Singapore Airlines has announced plans to replace the Rolls Royce engines of three of its A380 super jumbo jets. Over in Japan, the benefit of high-speed rail is explored, along with its possible effect on the airline industry. And in Europe, there's concern Ireland could soon seek a bailout.

Going once, going twice, not yet sold is the St. Louis 100-year-old river boat S.S. Admiral -- now available on eBay. And is it a case of an early Christmas present over at Google? All employees get a 10 percent raise. And finally, wake up and drive.