Posted by Daryl Paranada

For Marketplace, Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today's show was a hodgepodge of news. Mitchell Hartman tells us why some people are overpaying for bonds. We look at what the government can do about the housing market, and what the present economic climate means for the next generation of workers. Right now those workers-to-be are likely crawling around. Alisa Roth has a story on how automaker Ford is turning things around. Jennifer Collins explains why the National Transportation Safety Board is looking into airline partnerships. And finally two political stories: Scott Rasmussen of the Rasmussen Report crunches the numbers of an election, and we tell you about the costliest U.S. House race in the country. Here were the songs we played:

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  • Mesmerise -- ChapterhousesBuy
  • Bandages -- Hot Hot HeatBuy
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  • Breaking Away -- RatatatBuy

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