Yes: Cinnamon Marshmellow Scooby Doos are an actual cereal.
Yes: Cinnamon Marshmellow Scooby Doos are an actual cereal. - 

We got financial information
from some major corporations.

Colgate did so-so
in terms of selling Dynamo

And Speed Stick and Tom's of Maine.
they only saw a modest gain
in Handi Wipes and Anbesol
and Ultra Brite and Fab and all --
the soaps and toothpastes that they sell.
Profits soared at Sony, Shell
Motorola, Mitsubishi.
Boeing's sales were kind of squishy.

Kellogg said the other day,
sales were weak for Special K
and Apple Jacks
and Honey Smacks
and Mini-Wheats
and other treats,
like Pop Tarts and Cruncheroos
and Cinnamon Marshmallow Scooby Doos.

Lockheed did succeed.
Exxon, Avon? Yes, indeed
they did and so
did Conoco.
Hyundai, yes.
Nintendo, no.

The final name I have in mind
lost more than all those firms combined.
It can't be a thrill
to lose $17 bill,
but then, don't do the drill
if you can't clean the spill.

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