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Extended Playlist: Edward Webb

Matt Berger Jul 26, 2010
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Marketplace Music

Extended Playlist: Edward Webb

Matt Berger Jul 26, 2010

Submitted by Edward Webb

Los Gatos, Calif.

The forth featured Road Warrior in our travel-song series is Edward Webb, a Marketplace listener and partner at Walker Nell Consultants, Inc., a turnaround management and corporate restructuring consultancy. Webb chose “Sympathy For The Devil” by Rolling Stones for his favorite on-the-road song. In his words: “[It’s] a challenge to empathize with the evil in our human nature and a snarling reminder to remain humble.”

Also on his list, “Tangled Up In Blue” by Bob Dylan. “It’s a modern day Candide,” Webb notes. “kind of a beatnik journey to self-awareness.” Joan Osborne’s “Right Hand Man” is Webb’s “going-home music.” Webb notes: “Every man dreams of his girl singing a song like this to him.” Promised Land by Chuck Berry from the album St. Louis to Liverpool, is a “classic traveling song,” Webb said. “The wistfulness in the last line makes it special.” Finally, Widespread Panic’s tune “Ain’t Life Grand” makes this list for its “rollicking and lyrical celebration of the numbing sameness of day-to-day life.”

  • Sympathy For The Devil – Rolling Stones Buy
  • Tangled Up In Blue – Bob Dylan Buy
  • Right Hand Man – Joan Osborne Buy
  • Promised Land – Chuck Berry Buy
  • Ain’t Life Grand – Widespread Panic Buy

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