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Question: I would like to find a fee only financial planner, as you always say I should, and keeping with your advice I have been asking friends and neighbors who they work with and if they are happy . I have found none use a fee only planner, though most were content (until the past couple years, I wonder why). Anyway do you have any specific suggestions for where I can find reliable information on fee only financial planners.

I really enjoy the marketplace suite of programs and find all of your advice seems to be common sense reasonable and quite useful. I am sure you are to smart for to put yourself into this situation, but have you considered a run for gubernatorial run. Please, do not try to site a lack of political experience and/or ability as a reason not to run, I know you have heard of Sarah Palin. Also, I am positive you could convince congress to pass a user fee to support public radio, pledge drive problem solved! Sincerely, Brad, Red Wing, MN

Answer: Wow. The second part of your note really cracked me up. I’m flattered. But I think I’ll do everyone a favor and stick with journalism. I love it.

Now to the real question. I have three websites to suggest for finding and researching financial planners.

The main website for finding fee-only financial planners is the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. The Financial Planning Association has a search engine for gathering names of Certified Financial Planners in your area. I like the CFP designation since it indicates the planner has experience, education, passed an examination, and is required to adhere to a code of ethics. A well-known financial planning group that targets middle income households is the Garrett Planning Network.

Here is a link to a post from 2008 on how to think through the process of finding and choosing a financial planner.

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