Customer complaining to someone on the telephone.
Customer complaining to someone on the telephone. - 
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TESS VIGELAND: Americans are not happy consumers these days.
Really? That bit of obviousness brought to you by the Consumer Federation of America. We could've told them that ourselves, based on the letters you send every week.

Anyway, the CFA released a not-quite-Letterman worthy Top Ten list this week and boy, are we fuming over our credit cards and mortgages. Topping the list, complaints about those companies promising to repair your bad credit. People, you can do this yourselves. You're also peeved over efforts to modify loans, probably because it's not happening much. Same with those promises to help you avoid foreclosure. Strong-arm debt collection tactics are also on the rise. And lots of folks filed complaints about unused gift cards that weren't honored and unfulfilled warranties when a business went under.

Where's that new Consumer Financial Protection Agency when you need it? On hold.