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Scott Jagow: The country's mayors start a whistle stop tour in Philadelphia today. The U.S. conference of Mayors wants to get the attention of the presidential candidates by talking about the biggest problems for their cities. Danielle Karson reports.

Danielle Karson: Crime will be the hot topic at the conference in Philadelphia. The mayors will discuss infrastructure in New York City, the environment in Miami, poverty in Los Angeles, and the arts in Chicago.

The idea behind the tour: come up with new ideas for tackling those problems and present them to the new president next year.

Miami mayor and Conference President Manny Diaz:

Manny Diaz: These are the priority issues we believe are necessary to move America's cities and America forward, under your Administration.

The Conference tagged many of the same urban problems last year. So have they made any progress since then?

Diaz: An area like infrastructure investment; that's not something that's going to be fixed tomorrow. But it's something the next president has to start paying attention to, and we need to start moving in the direction of making the necessary investments.

The mayors next stop: New York City on the 14th.

In Washington, I'm Danielle Karson for Marketplace.