Shopper browses vegetable display
Shopper browses vegetable display - 


Doug Krizner: Trying something new from the grocery can sometimes disappoint your taste buds and your wallet, too. That's money down the drain. But not if you live in Norway. A Norwegian food retailer introduced a new total guarantee this week: Complete satisfaction or your money back -- even if you've already eaten it. Kyle James reports.

Kyle James: Did that chocolate not have quite enough nuts in it? How about that frozen dinner that didn't rock your world?

Well, at Norway's Co-op grocery chain, customers can just take receipts or the food's packaging in for a full refund, no questions asked.

The guarantee is part of a strategy to stand out in a very competitive food sector, where just four big chains have 99 percent of the market.

Co-op's Bjorn Klovstad says the company's not that worried about losing money in the deal.

Bjorn Klovstad: Maybe we are naive, but I don't think people will take advantage of this in a big scale. Some people will try to do that, but for how much can they do that? How many times can you complain about the milk?

Co-op will even take back dog food, if the kibble didn't satisfy Rover's demanding palate. They're drawing the line at empty bottles of vodka, though.

In Berlin, I'm Kyle James for Marketplace.