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Scott Jagow: Airlines around the world ordered Boeing's 787 Dreamliner without even seeing it. They were lured in by the promise of a mid-sized, long-haul jet that would burn less fuel and be cheaper to maintain, but wouldn't skimp on passenger comforts. Yesterday, the world finally got to see this plane of the future. The big unveiling had a very international flavor as Jason Paur reports from Seattle.

Jason Paur: The rollout of the new plane included live speeches via satellite from partners in Japan and Italy, and video montages highlighting cultures from around the world.

Washington Governor Christine Gregoire acknowledges the plane is no longer a local product.

Christine Gregoire: We're in global competition. I understand why Boeing said global competition means just that. And now they have set the tone for what's going to happen in virtually production of any product in the future.

Many pieces of the new plane such as the wings are built overseas and assembled in Washington.

The sleek new plane has a smooth appearance thanks to a lack of rivets. The 787 is made mostly from carbon fiber composite rather than aluminum.

Boeing already has more than 670 orders for the 787, mostly from foreign carriers.

In Seattle, I'm Jason Paur for Marketplace.