'It's A Wonderful Life' DVD cover
'It's A Wonderful Life' DVD cover - 
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LISA NAPOLI: In the rush of holiday movies that opened this past weekend, Ben Stiller won. His new flick called "Night at the Museum" took in $30 million at the box office. Now, what about movies that you can watch at home? You may be a "Miracle on 34th Street" kind of person or on the other hand, a "Wonderful Life" kind of person. We asked Tanya Ott to investigate the different camps of holiday movie rental types.

TANYA OTT: In this corner, weighing in at, well, 6 ounces, it's the holiday classic "It's a Wonderful Life."

And in this corner, at the same weight, newcomer "Elf."

Steve Swase at Netflix.com says the up-and-comer is ahead at his company...

STEVE SWASE: And "The Polar Express" is No. 2 and "Christmas at the Cranks" is No. 3.

People rent newer films, but when it comes to buying, the classics rule according to Doug Thomas over at Amazon.com. Thomas suggests his favorite "classic:""Muppet Christmas Carol." He's particularly fond of the music.

THOMAS: Yeah . . . um . . . duhdidhdid... I can't get the lyrics in my head! It's my daughter who can perform on a dime. I can't!

OTT: Okay, we'll let you off the hook this time. You better watch out, though.

THOMAS: Better watch out, better not cry!

I'm Tanya Ott for Marketplace.