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SCOTT JAGOW: Oh, the airports will be frightful today. And the traffic. But what makes this holiday weekend a little harder to swallow, is how much we're paying to travel. Amy Scott reports.

AMY SCOTT: If you're flying somewhere for Thanksgiving, chances are you paid more this year.

Steve Hendrickson with Sabre Airline Solutions says people who bought their tickets by the end of October paid about four percent more than last year. Early birds who booked by the end of September shelled out 25 percent more.

STEVE HENDRICKSON: The rule of thumb is book early to get the best deals, but it's not always the case.

And it's not just air travel. Christine Brown with AAA says mid-level hotels are charging 16 percent more this year on average. Rental cars cost an average 21 percent more.

CHRISTINE BROWN: Over the summer we had a very flat travel season compared to the year before. So I think that they're probably trying to recuperate from that.

Travelers planning to take their own cars can also expect higher costs. Gas prices are up almost four cents compared to this time last year.

I'm Amy Scott for Marketplace.

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