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SCOTT JAGOW: Today in Raleigh, North Carolina: the International Spy Conference. Here's Jeff Tyler.

JEFF TYLER: Right on schedule, Castro got sick. Perfect timing for this year's spy conference, which is coincidently focused on Cuba post-Castro.

The news coverage of the ailing Communist may bump attendance above the 200 lay-people expected.

Conference founder Bernie Reeves says his audience may not be huge, but they buy books.

He says that keeps the speakers, like renowned intelligence scholar Nigel West, returning year after year.

BERNIE REEVES:"He sold 150 books last year. And he's coming again this year because he likes the conference. And of course, he can probably sell more of his books."

But Reeves is more interested in marketing Raleigh.

He did manage to put the city on the map in one respect: In years past, the FBI sent undercover agents to monitor the event.

I'm Jeff Tyler for Marketplace.

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