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SCOTT JAGOW: Sony's rival Toshiba started selling its HD-DVD recorder in Japan today. It's about time. People have been waiting on this for a while now, but Toshiba has it's work cut out in this high-definition battle. More now from Charla Bear.

CHARLA BEAR: Toshiba and Sony are racing to find an advantage that'll send the other's DVD format to the landfill.

Toshiba's latest weapon is armed with about 130 hours of storage space and recordable disc capability.

But technology analyst Ted Schadler says it'll take more than a fancy recorder for Toshiba to overtake Sony's competing Blu-Ray technology.

TED SCHADLER: "For consumers it's a very simple decision, they're going to buy the player that plays the most movies. Right now Blu-Ray has the clear advantage. Every single movie studio except one has announced that it'll support Blu-Ray. HD DVD

But it's not all roses for Sony. Blu-Ray recorders have been available for three years in Japan, but still haven't caught on.

I'm Charla Bear for Marketplace.