MARK AUSTIN THOMAS: The World Cup kicks off one week from today. Host country Germany hopes for a big boost to its economy. But Curt Nickisch says a neighboring country wants to attract some cash from those left behind.

CURT NICKISH: While fans storm Germany and gaggles of ticketless men flock to their TV sets, Switzerland is hoping to cash in on their "soccer widows." The Swiss tourism board is running spots in European markets showing hunky Swiss men at work.

[ Commercial: Dear girls, why not escape from this summer's World Cup to a country where men spend less time on football — and more time on you! ]

My favorite: Mr. Switzerland milking a cow.

But the ad campaign may have backfired in Italy where some jealous men have reportedly bagged their trips to Germany to stay home with their women.

I'm Curt Nickisch for Marketplace.