The Green Man pub in Kent, England
The Green Man pub in Kent, England - 
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SCOTT JAGOW: It's Friday, time again for the Job Files. Today it's off to the pub in Kent, England.

[ Four pounds sixty. Cheers, goodbye. ]

JOHN HAYWARD: Hello, I'm John Hayward. I'm the landlord of The Green Man in Hodsoll Street in Kent.

The Green Man is a traditional English pub and we are known for our large quantities and our wide choice of meals. Fish and chips, steak and kidney pudding, that sort of thing.

My favorite meal in The Green Man is haddock. It's a smoked haddock with poached eggs and bacon. And it's divine.

The best part of running the Green Man would be meeting the wide variety of different people. You can meet cardiothoracic surgeons to people that empty the bins, and they are all one at the bar.

Dianne Finch produced today's Job File.