Books for your summer reading list

A young girl looks at a Sony e-book at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

If you need something to keep you company while you are traveling, you are in luck. All this summer, we're asking our friends in finance to share some of their favorite books. Julie Mayfield, who writes about family finances at TheFamilyCEO.com, recommends:
  • "How to Go to College Almost for Free" by Ben Kaplan:"Ben graduated from Harvard debt free, and covered most of his college costs with scholarships that he won. [The book is] a real step-by-step guide to approaching the scholarship search"
Want more? Here are some picks from the past and our Facebook followers:
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I stepped way back from "Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth" by Robert Allen when I read reviews of the book. This seems to be possibly a book version of those info commercials that promise get rich plans but really only benefit the author. Maybe I just don't like adult women insisting on calling themselves girls all their lives, but this recommendation made my antennas tingle. I wish someone with authority would give some kind of feedback on how really useful these summer reads are.

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