What's in your wallet, Kelly Raver?

Kelly Raver: My name is Kelly Raver. We are at Charlemagne Records in Five Point South in Birmingham, Ala. This is my wallet. It's huge, it is a piece of small luggage. I have my ID, gift cards, cash. This is a coin that I got for being in recovery, so I hold onto this as well, to remind me where I came from. I guess it's just sentimental, because it takes me back to a hard time in my life that I emerged from. It has the serenity prayer on one side and on the other side, it says "To thine oneself be true."

And in my change purse, I have a fortune from a fortune cookie that I've had for about eight months. It says, "There are big changes ahead for you." So I'm holding onto that, holding out for the changes.

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