What's in your wallet, Brian Morton?

Pints of beer on a bar counter.

Brian Morton: I'm Brian Morton from New York. I'm actually a professor at Barnard College. What's in my wallet? Nothing out of the ordinary. My ID card, Metro card, debit, my credit card and then my online credit card. I only use this one for online purchases, so if anybody gets a hold of the number I can dump it.

My Joe coffee card and my Good Beer New York City gift certificate card. It's a great store. They sell hundreds of craft brews from around the States mostly, but I think they have a few international ones. So you can buy single bottles and sample dozens of different craft brews. Fantastic store.

And an old, old picture of my wife. She won't mind. This is a picture of her when I first met her many years ago. I think it's a passport photo. She had an extra copy and gave it to me. She was just on her way to Europe. We had met in Toronto. She was leaving for a couple months for Europe, so she gave me her passport photo. We got married a while after that. So that's what's in my wallet.

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