We're on apps more than on the web

Quit building web sites, my friend, and start building apps.

According to research company Flurry:

"for the first time ever, daily time spent in mobile apps surpasses desktop and mobile web consumption. This stat is even more remarkable if you consider that it took less than three years for native mobile apps to achieve this level of usage, driven primarily by the popularity of iOS and Android platforms."

In December 2010, Americans spent 70 minutes per day on the web, 66 minutes on mobile apps. In June of 2011, Americans are spending 74 minutes per day on the web but 81 minutes on mobile. So web use is growing but mobile use is skyrocketing.
And what kind of apps are we so enamored of? I'll give you three guesses and you can forfeit the first two. Yep: games.

Not only that, shipments of tablets and smartphones now outpace desktop and notebook computers.

About the author

John Moe is the host of Marketplace Tech Report, where he provides an insightful overview of the latest tech news.


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