Amazon to launch new Kindle Fire on Sept. 6

Amazon has announced a September 6th event in Seattle and the consensus seems to be that we’ll see at least one new version of the Kindle Fire. Tons of rumors floating around but among them are a larger, 10-inch screen and a front facing camera.

It’s also very possible that there are multiple new Kindles and Kindle Fires announced here.

From CNET:

Another thing to look out for is whether Amazon, as rumored, will attempt to subsidize the cost of the new Kindle Fire with an ad-supported Special Offers version. It could also leave the existing Fire on the market and lower its price to $149 and offer two different step-up models, one for $199 and one for $249.

The timing, of course, bears noting as it happens less than a week before Apple’s September 12th announcement of the new iPhone and, apparently, the iPad Mini. Everyone’s getting ready for the holiday season. Santa is expected to be at both events as an observer although schematics of all the new devices have already been faxed to the elves.

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