Playlist: Hello September

Posted by Daryl Paranada

For Marketplace Morning Report, Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some fun and not-so-fun things for the first of the month: There's a new resort at Disney World... for pets. L.A. Times columnist David Lazarus has some info on how an unlisted number may cost you. Australia puts a cork in its use of the name "Champagne," and why haven't video stores like Blockbuster gone the way of T-Rex? These are the other stories we covered: A ratings agency escapes fraud charges, CEOs who lay off the most workers get the biggest paychecks, Burger King is considering sale, Afghanistan's biggest private bank is worrying some, Greece gets serious about a smoking ban, and we look at private-sector job losses and the latest from the FCIC. Plus, these are the songs we played:

  • Vanished -- Crystal CastlesBuy
  • Trav'lin' All Alone (Nickodemus & Zeb Remix) -- Billie HolidayBuy
  • Hummer -- FoalsBuy
  • Weapon of Choice -- Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubBuy
  • Eyes on the Prize -- Mavis StaplesBuy

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