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    A row of food trucks in LA get ready to feed the hungry lunchtime masses.

    - Jolie Myers/Marketplace

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    Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal takes a bite of a sandwich from the South Philly Express food truck in Los Angeles.

    - Jolie Myers/Marketplace

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    Josh Hiller co-owns a company called Road Stoves. It's the go-to place in LA for all things food truck: business plans, graphic design, advice on where to park the thing at night. Marketplace interviewed Hiller for our segment "Food Truck Economy." (Jolie Myers/Marketplace)

    - Jolie Myers/Marketplace

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    Marketplace audio engineers go inside an LA food truck for an interview with a food truck worker.

    - Jolie Myers/Marketplace

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    The South Philly Express

    - Jolie Myers/Marketplace

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    The 'Pyongyang Express' food truck outside an office building in Los Angeles. Unlike other gourmet food trucks, the 'Pyongyang Express' is a part of a marketing campaign for a soon-to-be-released video game called 'Homefront' in which players shoot and kill North Korea forces invading the United States in 2027. The prices of food and drink available from the truck is less than half the price of any other truck, with the video game's maker, THQ, subsidizing the price to bring more attention to the truck and the game.

    - Robyn Beck/Getty Images

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    The LA Street Food Fest celebrates the food truck economy.

    - Josh Rogosin/Marketplace

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    The Gastrobus parked in downtown Los Angeles at the LA Street Food Fest.

    - Josh Rogosin/Marketplace

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    A high-class hamburger from the Unami Burger Food Truck in Los Angeles. UMMM!

    - Angela Kim/Marketplace

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    El Taconazo, a taco truck in Caldwell, Idaho, submitted via Facebook by Marketplace listener Mark Pemble.

    - Courtesy Mark Pemble

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    Not strictly a truck, but still mobile food, this is a custom-built dutch cargo bike with a dry ice freezer. John and Michelle Peddle (and pedal) sell fresh fruit freezer pops in Silverlake and Hollywood on the weekends.

    - Courtesy Michelle Sallah

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    Crazy Cactus Catering has been servicing the Indianapolis area since 2008 with street food. Visit them online at

    - Courtesy Rick Barger

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    Sal DiBenardo of Augusta, Georgia, writes: This is Long Island, New York in the 70s. Hot Dogs of course, Meatball Heros or Subs, also a big Favorite Italian Sausage Hero with Grill Peppers and Onions. I made more money then compared with today. But that led to Dibenardo's Bistro a hit in Commack, Long Island, to all the city folk heading to the Hamptons, Friday's and Saturday's where jamming.

    - Courtesy Sal DiBernardo

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    Daniel Castellanos of Miami, Florida, writes: This beautiful food truck rolls around Miami and serves delicious burgers/tacos by chef Ingrid Hoffman.

    - Courtesy of Daniel Castellanos

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    This in from Joel Lipton of Los Angeles: "I just had my first Kogi experience today, Friday July 30, 2010. There it was on Ventura Blvd. around 2 p.m. in front of a car wash. I called a friend who has been to the truck before, to ask him what to get and he said the Short Rib Burrito. I ordered, went around the truck to snap the photo and 2 minutes later, my burrito was ready! It lived up to my expectations, sweet and spicy and very tasty! I ate a few bites, got in my car, turned on KCRW and listened to show. As I was driving you guys started talking about food trucks! How ironic. So I had to email you and tell you my story.

    - Courtesy Joel Lipton

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    Michelle Javan of Seattle, Washington, writes: "Oh man does this have the best BBQ in Seattle - I have a friend who keep her diet all organic veggies etc...she does not eat meat EXCEPT for Maximus Minimus! There is always a line. I grabbed this picture after they closed, just before they left. They are not around during the winter so they make us wait in anticipation for Spring when they start showing up all over the Seattle area again!

    - Courtesy Michelle Javan

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    Al Teich, of North Bethesda, Maryland, writes: "Van Leeuwen has become famous in New York City for its artisanal ice cream like vanilla made with vanilla orchids grown in Papua New Guinea and giandujia, made with Pietmont Hazelnuts. The ice cream is sold from five trucks and a recently-opened store in Brooklyn. I found this truck in the Meatpacking District on the far west side of Manhattan last May.

    - Courtesy Al Teich

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    Andy Grimes of Atlanta, Georgia, sent us this photo and writes: "The Pickle hit the road in 2004 doing mostly festival, concerts and sporting events in Atlanta and throughout the southeast. Serving up our tasty menu of Southwestern and Cajun specialties. In Atlanta we are in the process of creating a more receptive environment for food trucks. The Atlanta Street Food Coalition is diligently working toward that goal. Online at: .

    - Courtesy Andy Grimes

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    David Wasserman of San Diego posted this photo and writes: "Here's Joes on the Nose in San Diego, a surf themed Orange Organic Coffee (and other drink) Truck." See the website for more info:

    - Courtesy David Wasserman

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    Michael Muir-Harmony of Bernardston, Mass., sent us this photo and writes: "My favorite food truck is Clover Food Lab truck onthe MIT campus. This truck was started a year and a half ago as an experiment. It it a high tech approach to food trucks with too numerous wireless gadgets and gismos to name; all working to serve an amazing amount of customers in a very short time. The food is fresh, mostly organic, local, and delicious. Top chefs create the ever changing menu. The truck started as a lab to create menus for the first nation-wide fast food chain of vegetarian restaurants, but has become a phenomena in itself in the Cambridge and Boston area. A second truck has started up in Boston, and has been featured often in the Boston Globe. The truck will be featured tomorrow night on a TLC program about food trucks. There is a website and blog that documents the truck's development andprogress. . Thanks again for the interesting piece tonight on food trucks."

    - Courtesy Michael Muir-Harmony

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    Richard Oswald of Langdon, Missouri, sent us this photo and writes : I saw this Curbside Cupcake van in Washington, D.C. this spring. It was parked just outside the entrance to a coffee shop, so customers could wash down the sticky sweet with fresh hot black and bitter.

    - Courtesy Richard Oswald

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    Andrea L DiMauro of Olivebridge, New York, sent us this photo of Mabel On The Move, a "supercool mobile eatery in a 1962 vintage Airstream trailer." Here she is in Rosendale, N.Y., serving organic food including soup, salads, hot dogs, ice cream.

    - Courtesy Andrea L DiMauro

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    Ramsey Etchison of Truckee, California, writes: "This is a photo of the RED TRUCK that I helped Chef Larry Abney open in Truckee, Calif. We are two months into our new business and and taking the Sierra Mountains by storm. Red Truck is focused on bringing organic and sustainable food to the people to the greater Lake Tahoe area. Today we have an Indian fusion menu but who knows, next week we might open the windows and serve Korean or Turkish food."

    - Courtesy Ramsey Etchison

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    Gavin DiMundo, of Santa Monica, Calif., posted this photo of the Nom Nom food truck in Los Angeles, known for its "Banh Mi," or Vietnamese Sandwiches, and other Vietnamese-inspired dishes.

    - Courtesy Gavin DiMundo

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    Gavin DiMundo of Santa Monica, Calif., snapped this photo of the aptly named meatball food truck, Great Balls on Tires.

    - Courtesy Gavin DiMundo

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    Here's another LA food truck photographed by Gavin DiMundo of Santa Monica, California. Get ready to Kabob N' Roll.

    - Courtesy Gavin DiMundo

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    Poornima Ravishankar of New Jersey posted this photo on our Facebook page and writes: "Delicious artisanal tacos makes a detour from its weekday Newark location to suburban farmers markets in Montclair and Summit, New Jersey."

    - Couresty Poornima Ravishankar

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    Donny Tsang of Las Vegas, Neveda, posted this photo to our Facebook page and writes: "This is a photo I shot of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck last year at their season end's party. Super warm and fun guys that come up with the craziest and delicious toppings for ice cream."

    - Courtesy Donny Tsang

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    Jim Johnson of Las Vegas, Nevada, sent us this photo and writes: "This is our local Las Vegas Slidin' Thru Slider Truck. My favorite is the Kobe Beef"

    - Courtesy Jim Johnson

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    Marcelo Padin of Oakland, California, sent us this photo and writes: "This is a GREAT truck that serves Argentine Style Barbecue - slow grilled meats"

    - Courtesy Marcelo Padin

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    Stephen Heverly of San Diego, California, sent us this photo of the Marisco's German food truck, which cruises the Ocean Beach neighborhood. He writes: "The original Marisco's German hails from San Felipe, Baja, Mexico."

    - Courtesy Stephen Heverly

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    Sonny Horn, Austin, Texas sent us this photo of "The Hot Dog King of Austin," who works the late-night bar scene in downtown Austin at 8th and Red River Streets. "Excellent high-quality dogs including the very best veggie dogs," Horn writes.

    - Courtesy Sonny Horn

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    Patrick Brewer, of Cary, North Carolina sent us a photo of the BulKogi truck in Durham. "I waited two hours and 45 minutes to order and get food from it June 6th when this picture was taken. It was a great time to meet fellow food truck lovers from all over town."

    - Courtesy Patrick Brewer


Today on Marketplace, Kai Ryssdal takes us out to lunch for a story on the food truck economy in Los Angeles.

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But LA isn't the only city known for its mobile food. Cities like San Francisco and New York are inventing new ways to deliver good food to your street corner. In Chicago, an effort is underway to make mobile eateries legal on city streets.

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Michelle Javan, of Seattle, Wash., Sent us this photo of her favorite lunchtime stop. Nickname: "Maximus Minimus"


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