Even Neil Armstrong got paid per diem

Neil Armstrong steps into history July 20, 1969 by leaving the first human footprint on the surface of the moon.

This final note today, my nod to the passing of Neil Armstrong, since I'm kind of a space geek.

There's nothing especially Marketplace-y about a 40-year-old moon mission. Except this: I read today that Armstrong -- and all the other Apollo astronauts -- got per diem during their trips to the moon. Eight bucks a day. Minus a deduction for accommodations, since they had the spacecraft to stay in.

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I heard your report on emigre' workers and I think that the foreign workers get a better deal than the astronauts did. At least as far as Mr. Armstrong got from the government. Per diem paid me TWICE what I was supposed to receive from my company. Then, again, I was paid and charged by other companies and wound up getting less than minimum wage. Go figure.

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