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Obama isn't fazed by buzzer, gives long speech anyway

Nov 30, 2015
President Obama went way over his time limit but didn't seem to care.
Posted In: climate change, President Obama, speech

Viewmaster goes VR

Nov 27, 2015
This holiday season, the classic toy is getting a fancy upgrade with help from Google.
Posted In: Mattel, toys, virtual reality, Google
While some people are petitioning for stores to remain closed on Thanksgiving, many major stores proudly remain open.

Malls are urging stores to stay open on Thanksgiving

Nov 25, 2015
Some mall managers are urging smaller businesses to stay open on Thanksgiving.
Posted In: Thanksgiving, shopping, Black Friday
Google published a graphic about Black Friday shopping based on smartphone data.

Google's data on when not to shop this Black Friday

Nov 24, 2015
Google put together an infographic from smartphone data on Christmas shopping.
Posted In: Black Friday, Google, shopping
Need pizza? There's a button for that.

Ordering pizza now just a button away

Nov 23, 2015
Full evolution to sloth creature complete.
Posted In: Domino's, pizza, food delivery
Study finds men eat more pizza at buffets in front of women than men.

Men eat more at buffets in front of women

Nov 20, 2015
A Cornell University study finds that men eat more in front of women than men.
Posted In: pizza, italian buffets, gender
Report finds that women will not receive equal pay globally for at least another century.

Women will achieve equal pay in 118 years, report says

Nov 19, 2015
According to a World Economic Forum report, women will receive equal pay globally by the year 2133.
Posted In: Wage gap, women, gender inequality
Federal Reserve Chairman, Janet Yellen speaks at the Federal Reserve, November 12, 2015 in Washington, DC.

Interest rate hike looking likely

Nov 18, 2015
Our game show "What is Janet Yellen thinking?" has come to a sad end.
Posted In: Janet Yellen, The Federal Reserve
Trump's SNL appearance has prompted three politicians to ask NBC for air time.

Politicians still use snail mail

Nov 17, 2015
Three politicians have sent actual letters to NBC asking for air time.
Posted In: mail, donald trump, Saturday Night Live

Overstock has employees stocked for the End of Days

Nov 16, 2015 has a food supply for employees in the event of apocalypse.
Posted In: overstock, apocalypse, gold, silver

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A graphical history of cable consolidation

Feb 13, 2014
Tracking the history of the cable industry.
Posted In: cable, Comcast, Time Warner

Stressed out by the Davos World Economic Forum?

Jan 21, 2014
Try meditating with Goldie Hawn.
Posted In: Davos, World Economic Forum, Goldie Hawn

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