Retracted: A note about our recent commentary

On January 30, Marketplace aired an outside, first-person commentary, titled "Returning Veteran has Few Marketable Skills." Listeners questioned the veracity of the piece, and when we looked more closely into the matter we found it had likely been fabricated.

Our responsibility to listeners, members, partners and ourselves, is to provide accurate, trustworthy information, in context, without conflict of interest. We didn't meet that obligation in this instance, and for that we apologize. We've retracted the commentary completely, and we're using this experience to learn how we can do our jobs better.

Thank you for your engagement with Marketplace, and for holding us accountable to the highest journalistic standards.

About the author

Deborah Clark is the executive producer of the Marketplace portfolio of programs, including Marketplace, Marketplace Morning Report, Marketplace Money, Marketplace Tech Report and the Marketplace Index.
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I completely agree. I came to the site to see if there was any further explanation as to how this happened. I feel that because of my monthly donation to public radio, I'm due a little more of an explanation. Did they try to confirm the facts of the story, but didn't get the results until after it aired? Or did they just completely trust that what he said was true? The way the above article apologizes appears to be hiding information since we were also told on the air that this was part of a series called... My Life is True. Conveniently left out above.

Ah, this is a cop out. On the air you mentioned the author's name, and said that he wasn't a military vet though he claimed he was. Why not just repeat the statement rather than put this pasteurized version?

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