Worst football weather cities can blame Lake Erie

The Weather Channel's out with its list of the National Football League's worst weather cities.

The cable network used a bunch of science and stuff -- you know, meteorology -- to score cities on how much precipitation falls, average winds, and of course, temperatures
below 32 degrees.

The runner up was Cleveland, where the Browns play right on the banks of Lake Erie. But the worst NFL weather city, according to the Weather Channel, is...

Buffalo, NY. -- whose Bills also play at Ralph Wilson Stadium, also not too far from Lake Erie.

Must be something about that lake.

Rounding out the top 5:

  1. Pittsburgh (Steelers)
  2. Green Bay (Packers)
  3. Kansas City (Chiefs)

About the author

Steve Chiotakis was the host of Marketplace Morning Report until January 2012.


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