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One of my friends from the Buffalo, NY area sent me a petition to sign this morning. It's a request that the ABC show Extreme Makeover Home Edition rebuild a home for the family who lost theirs in the Continental plane crash. Here's the petition if you'd like to sign. I am signature 127,725. The show's producer is aware of the request and says he's considering it. Something else struck me about this.

I think the original petition might've started on Facebook, but the link I gave you is to a site called petitiononline.com. I guess it's been around for some time, but I'd never run across it before. The home makeover request for the Wielinski family is the most popular petition on the site, but there are hundreds of petitions about everything imaginable.

High gas prices need to stop says one petition written to "US gas providers." Only 363 people have signed that one. Maybe it's the misspellings.

Another petition says: "We want to keep one of rock and roll's lamest acts "Motley Crue" out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada."
12 people are on board with it.

84,073 fans of Boy and Girl Scouting want Google to put a logo on their home page every February 22nd to celebrate the birth of Scouting.

350 people want Nintendo to [change the name of the Wii](change the name of the Wii.) to practically anything but Wii.

There are political petitions, local petitions, personal petitions, impeachment petitions, hiring petitions, justice petitions, injustice petitions, petitions written in other languages... and much, much more.

I think it's cool. Some of it's obviously silly. Some of it futile. I doubt the CEO of Exxon has responded to the request for lower gas prices. But it gives people a sense of taking action, being involved, having a voice. There's nothing wrong with that.

So tell me, what would your petition be?

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Yes, believe it or not, petitions that garner lots of legal signatures actually have quite a bit of power.

The most obvious example in America is the public initiative process. Every public initiative that has ever made it to the ballot box was started by a petition.

I'd have a petition to stop petitions.. Really, do they even DO anything, besides give 30 seconds of fame?

I think so few people have signed the "Motley Crue out of Nova Scotia" petition because most music enthusiasts would just as soon Motly Crue went to Nova Scotia and stayed there! Sorry, Halifax. I'm actually hoping you'll rub off on "one of rock 'n' roll's lamest acts."

All members of congress must prepare their own tax return without the benefit of an accountant, lawyer, or any tax professional. Use of Turbo Tax or similar is allowed. The resulting return shall be subjected to an in-depth audit and the results made public.

I think we have a better chance of getting them to snort Draino.


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