A look inside Marketplace

If you're a loyal listener to Marketplace (you are a loyal listener, aren't you?), you may appreciate the Los Angeles Times' story on what's going on in our offices these days. It focuses a bit on us being just a little irreverent in our approach. . . . Us? Irreverent? Nah!

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I read the L.A. Times story about "Marketplace" and I'm not surprised the show is seeing an uptick in listenership. I listen to NPR just about every day and the Marketplace segment has been a great piece of journalism to listen to. I remember listening in during the Asian Financial crisis in the late 90's and the end of the dot.com boom. Kudos to Kai Ryssdal and Scott Jagow for maintaining such a high level of quality on their show, and keep Mr. Sloan coming! I love listening to his sage opinion on the economy whenever he's on!

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