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Keeping your gig

Dec 5, 2008
With so many people losing jobs, what are you doing to hold onto yours? Marketplace has heard of folks being forced to take paid vacation days or...

Devastating job losses

Dec 5, 2008
More than a half-million American workers lost jobs last month, the biggest drop in payrolls since late 1974. Economist Peter Morici emailed this...

Going Down Under

Dec 5, 2008
Australian press reports job cuts at Macquarie Group, one of the country's biggest banks, may have topped 1000. If so, that'd be about 10 percent...

Oil skids

Dec 4, 2008
Crude prices hit 4-year lows after Merrill Lynch predicted a drop to $25 a barrel. Bloomberg quotes Chip Hodge of MFC Global: "We've got the U.S,...

Preventing foreclosure

Dec 4, 2008
Fed chair Bernanke wants more taxpayer money to prevent additional home foreclosures. Brian Blackstone reports for the Wall Street Journal:...

Highland Fling

Dec 4, 2008
Dealbreaker is reporting that 2,800 heads will roll at Royal Bank of Scotland. This morning, Credit Suisse bid au revoir to 5,300 in investment...

For public good, not for profit.

Fewer jobs, fewer buyers

Dec 4, 2008
Unemployment checks are now going to more Americans than any time in the last 26 years. Just this morning, AT&T, DuPont and Viacom announced...

Paulson's new plan

Dec 3, 2008
The Treasury Department is apparently toying with an idea to drive down mortgage rates....

Dubai Eight Months Later

Dec 3, 2008
You may remember last March when Marketplace broadcast its shows from Dubai. Back then a barrel of oil was around 110 dollars, and Dubai was the...

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