What's wrong with Bank of America's website, and new Disney in 3D

This final note on the way out today. Something's rotten in Charlotte, and Bank of America's not talking.

It's five days in a row now that B of A's website has been sluggish. A spokeswoman today said little other than to deny that the country's biggest bank is being hacked and that they're continuing to asses the situation. Also didn't say when it would get better.

The error message you get says try later, or visit an ATM.

And in other news that might excite a few of you, or perhaps cause you to roll your eyes. Coming off the whopping success of "The Lion King 3D," the Walt Disney company announced it'll roll out of few more of their modern classics in three dimensions.

Four films to be exact, starting with "Beauty and the Beast" in January 2012, followed by "Finding Nemo," "Monsters Inc." and, of course, "The Little Mermaid."

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