"Buy the rumor, sell the news"

Aug 19, 2014
The truth behind the popular Wall Street phrase.
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Rumor has it: Xbox and iPhone

Jan 26, 2012
Big changes on the way unless they're not!
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Google planning a Kindle Fire competitor?

Jan 5, 2012
Or, you know, not at all?
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iPad 3 coming in February?

Dec 9, 2011
Sure! Maybe! I guess!
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New El Cinco detailrumors

Jun 22, 2011
Maybe we should start calling them detmors. Detailed rumors. Rutails? Bloomberg is sharing possible information about the iPhone 5 (we call it El...
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Rumor: Amazon tablet arriving later this year

May 3, 2011
We need a codename for the alleged impending Amazon tablet computer. Amatablet? Amablet? Tabazon? Yes. Tabazon. Tabazon is supposedly on the way...
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