Have oil companies manipulated prices?

Sep 4, 2008
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is looking into whether oil companies have been manipulating prices, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Ashley Milne-Tyte has more.
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BP settles TNK dispute with Russians

Sep 4, 2008
British Petroleum and its billionaire Russian partners in Russian oil company TNK have settled a long-running dispute. The deal includes removal of CEO Robert Dudley as CEO. Brett Neely has more.
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Economic health report due

Sep 3, 2008
The government today will release its monthly report on factory orders for non-durable goods -- things like clothing, food and gas. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports on what the numbers are expected to show.
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Schools use 4-day week to cut costs

Sep 2, 2008
Rising fuel costs are affecting virtually every school district in the nation, according to a new survey. Some schools are keeping classes in session longer, but only four days a week. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Oil prices down as Gustav leaves Gulf

Sep 2, 2008
Although assessments of the derricks and refineries in the Gulf are only just beginnng, the expectation is that Hurricane Gustav left minimal damage. Oil futures dropped on the assumption. Steve Henn reports.
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Refineries, rigs take Gustav's blows

Sep 1, 2008
Oil companies won't know the full extent of damage to offshore oil rigs and refineries in and along the Gulf of Mexico until Hurricane Gustav passes. But they think measures they've taken should limit the losses.
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What if Gustav damages refineries?

Sep 1, 2008
The Gulf oil derricks are said to be better prepared to handle a hurricane than they were three years ago. The real threat is to Gulf area refineries. Scott Jagow talks with an oil industry expert about that.
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Markets have an eye on Gustav

Sep 1, 2008
While the Gulf Coast braced for Hurricane Gustav, traders were watching to see the storm's effect on energy markets. Brett Neely reports from Berlin on what issues worry traders the most.
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Businesses still recovering from Katrina

Sep 1, 2008
Three years after Katrina, many Gulf state businesses remain in recovery mode, and another big hurricane could sink any hope of fully coming back. Mississippi Chamber of Commerce director Tish Williams explains.
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U.S. Chamber lists economic priorities

Aug 28, 2008
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce today issued its top economic priorities, and the list includes more than housing, credit and energy costs. From Washington, Danielle Carson reports.
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