OPEC divided on boosting oil production

Mar 16, 2010
The oil cartel OPEC will decide how much oil its members can pump over the next six months. But despite some push and pull between oil-rich countries, few expect more crude to be produced anytime soon. Christopher Werth reports.
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BP to wade in Brazil's waters for oil

Mar 11, 2010
The British energy giant BP is heading to Brazil to explore what could be the next big oil reserve. But the oil won't be easy to get to, as it rests many miles out at sea, under the ocean floor. Stephen Beard reports.
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Biomass an option over corn ethanol

Feb 18, 2010
A cheaper, less energy-intensive type of ethanol will make for the possibility of a fuel alternative that is less than $2 a gallon. Jennifer Collins explains why the process to produce the fuel makes it less expensive.
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Will oil field pump up Dubai's economy?

Feb 5, 2010
Officials in Dubai say they've found a fresh oil field. But some experts find the timing of the announcement a little curious. Bob Moon reports.
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Study: Fracking a contamination risk

Jan 20, 2010
A new study finds hydraulic fracturing, a process energy companies use to free up oil and gas reserves from rocks, can also contaminate ground water with known carcinogens. Environmental advocates want the process regulated. Sam Eaton reports.
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Shell signs deal to develop Iraqi oil field

Jan 18, 2010
Oil giant Shell and Malaysian state-run oil company Petronas have finalized a 20-year deal to develop the largest oil field in Iraq. Steve Chiotakis gets more details from Marketplace's Stephen Beard.
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Don't panic over rising gas prices

Jan 8, 2010
Prices are once again going up at the pump and that's likely to continue throughout the month. But with consumer demand down and the unemployment rate still hovering, some analysts say the higher costs can't be sustained all year. Bob Moon reports.
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Cold weather pushes up oil prices

Jan 4, 2010
Oil is up $2 to over $81 a barrel, its highest in more than two months. The main reason: the cold weather. Bill Radke gets more from energy reporter Carola Hoyos with the Financial Times.
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Iraq drives hard bargain on Lukoil

Dec 30, 2009
Russian oil giant Lukoil has signed a deal to develop one of Iraq's biggest oil fields. U.S. oil companies could have bid for the contract earlier this month, but few were present at the auction. Nancy Marshall Genzer explains why.
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Will House sanctions work on Iran?

Dec 16, 2009
The House passed a bill strengthening sanctions against Iran in an effort to step up pressure on the country to end its nuclear weapons program. Brett Neely explores what's involved in the bill.
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