Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) sends a letter to China

May 5, 2011
Durbin sent the letter to Baidu - China's big search engine. The Senator is concerned about Baidu's censorship of search results and a possible...
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The impact of rising prices in China

May 4, 2011
China Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz discusses how China's overheated economy is triggering a troublesome inflationary cycle, and how it might affect the U.S.
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China's 'one child' policy may stifle economic growth

Apr 29, 2011
New numbers are out on China's population and the population is keeping below the 1.4 billion mark. This may ease potential strain on China's resources, but it could impact China's economy.
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China adds new requirements for U.S. tech partners

Apr 28, 2011
The Chinese government has released a sweeping new plan that pushes for some industries to grow -- and discourages development of others.
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More food scandals in China may point to better regulation

Apr 26, 2011
China has seen a string of alarming food safety reports -- from glow-in-the-dark pork to ink-dyed steamed buns. But the uptick in scandals could mean that food in China is actually getting safer.
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Chinese truck drivers protest rising fuel costs

Apr 22, 2011
Chinese police have dispersed hundreds of picketing truck drivers in Shanghai. The demonstrators were protesting rising fuels costs and fees, as Rob Schmitz explains.
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China raises bank reserve requirements

Apr 18, 2011
China's central bank raised the amount of money banks must hold in reserve for the fourth time this year to help control inflation.
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Emerging economies meet, agree to rely less on U.S. dollar

Apr 14, 2011
Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa concluded their one-day summit in China today. The so-called 'BRICS' countries are calling for changes to the global financial syste.
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Panda Express going to China

Apr 13, 2011
And this final note, from the desk of carrying coals to Newcastle. Anyone who's been to China will tell you that actual Chinese food bears little...
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Is Russia cracking down on the Internet?

Apr 13, 2011
Last week, we reported on the outage of blogging site Live Journal that left President Dmitry Medvedev miffed. This week, Reuters is reporting that...
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