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The rich are getting richer, but in different ways. Sports boosters can be great for a university, but their financial support comes at a high price. And a landmark environmental law comes under attack in California, as legislators complain the law has been abused.

Chief economist of Fannie Mae says three more years until recovery

Douglas Duncan says the economy today is “improving but it's not robust."
Posted In: Fannie Mae, Housing, financial crisis, housing recovery

The cost of dismantling chemical weapons in Syria

It looks increasingly likely that Syria will surrender its chemical weapons. But that process isn't as simple as it seems.
Posted In: syria, chemicals, middle east

Graduating into The Lost Generation

Students who graduated from college during the financial crisis could spend years trying to regain what they lost during the worst recession in modern memory.
Posted In: college graduate, financial crisis

Crisis confessionals: Feeling the effects of the financial crisis

Commentaries from listeners about when they started feeling the effects of the financial crisis.
Posted In: financial crisis

The pros and cons of having a booster back your team

Boosters can be a big financial support to a college, funneling billions of dollars into athletics programs. But teams risk running afoul of NCAA rules.
Posted In: college sports, football

Landmark environmental law under threat in California

Golden State legislators are voting on whether to weaken a key law protecting the environment. Many say the law has been abused.
Posted In: california, Environment

How the one percent make their money today

The gap between rich and poor in America is at its widest ever. But the way the rich make their money has changed.
Posted In: 1 percent, the wealthy

This is not the way to remember 9/11

Corporate America still doesn't get it.
Posted In: corporate

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