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Egyptians will vote today and tomorrow in the first presidential elections since Hosni Mubark was removed from office. Meanwhile, it looks like the U.S. headed for another debt ceiling debate. Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon is under fire for some questionable personal expenses. Studios and movie theaters are fighting over exactly who should shoulder the cost of the glasses for 3-D movies. And in our new series Money Matters, we hear about people who bought shares of Facebook not for the investment, but as a way to teach their kids about how Wall Street works.

Chesapeake Energy at the crossroads

The giant Oklahoma natural gas company and its charismatic CEO Aubrey McClendon face an uncertain future.
Posted In: Chesapeake Energy, natural gas, Aubrey McClendon, oklahoma city

Debt ceiling déjà vu

Last summer, the battle over raising the debt ceiling consumed D.C. And guess what -- new battle lines are being drawn again.
Posted In: debt ceiling

Why owls make bad pets

They may be cute in "Harry Potter" movies. But clueless wizard fans in England are learning the hard way that owls are not like parrots.
Posted In: owls, harry potter

Who pays for 3-D movie glasses?

The popularity of 3-D movies is growing. So is a battle over who should pay for them -- the studios or the theaters?
Posted In: Entertainment, film, 3-d

Parents use stocks to teach kids about Wall Street

Some adults buy stocks for kids, less as an investment and more for a teaching tool.
Posted In: Money Matters, Investing

CFPB to regulate prepaid debit cards

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau takes aim at hidden fees for prepaid debit cards, the fastest growing form of payment in the U.S.
Posted In: debit cards, prepaid card

HP announces layoffs, Facebook to NYSE?

A few tech stories we've been following: Hewlett-Packard does announce major layoffs, and there are reports Facebook is thinking of leaving the Nasdaq.
Posted In: Hp, Facebook

Egypt holds first round of presidential elections

It's a historic day for the country. Journalist Amira Ahmed talks about the atmosphere in Egypt right now.
Posted In: Egypt

Survey: China is richer, but not happier

A survey finds more money does not equal more happiness in China.
Posted In: China, China's Economy

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