Marketplace for Wednesday May 21, 2014

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Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
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Russia and China have struck a big deal that assures Gazprom a very big market in China for many years to come. We explain what Gazprom is and its strategy as a state-owned enrgy giant. Plus, Google may be planning to put ads in unusual places like thermostats, glasses, watches and refrigerators because it hopes to put its operating systems into the places as well. But peopl are already tuning out ads on their devices and TVs. So how hard will it be to ignore an ad when it becomes a bigger- and unavoidable- part of your daily routine? And should the ad industry be worried?

China and the U.S.: Who's spying on whom?

The New York Times' David Sanger on what government spies look for in 2014.
Posted In: China, nsa, spying

What to do when your refrigerator starts advertising

Google may be planning to put ads in unusual places, like thermostats and watches.
Posted In: Google, ads, internet of things

Why people are still buying GM cars post-recall

GM says it has recalled close to 14 million vehicles this year.
Posted In: GM, car sales, car recalls

Gazprom goes to China, Russia's economy rejoices

Russia and China strike a natural gas deal that assures Gazprom a very big market.
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Jill Abramson

Will women CEOs still stand out in 2024?

Harvard Business School Professor says the pipeline is full of them.

Turns out, shame and fear don't fight cancer

What we can learn from one clinic's experiment with mammogram "marketing".
Posted In: mammograms, cancer screening, healthcare reform

Your coffee cup probably isn't recyclable… yet

Big names like McDonald's and Jamba Juice have tossed polystyrene cups.
Posted In: buying green, styrofoam, coffee, paper cups

Won't you be our neighbor?

Marketplace Datebook for Thursday, May 22, 2014
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