Marketplace for Wednesday, May, 19, 2010

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Marketplace for Wednesday, May, 19, 2010

Raise our taxes, please!

Like a lot of states, revenue in Arizona is down, and huge cuts are on the table, but voters there have chosen a remedy: raising taxes. Jeff Horwich reports.
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The life of a delta diver

"Delta Divers" is a two-part special airing on the National Geographic Channel tonight that chronicles the lives of commercial divers. Tess Vigeland talks with producer Scott B, along with John Mosier, who for 20 years worked as a commercial diver.
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A history of in-flight food

Rico Gagliano gives a brief history of the rise -- and fall -- of in-flight food, given Continental's recent announcement that it, too, will join the no-food-for-you club.
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A social network for tots and 'tweens

Everyone, it seems, has a Facebook account, and thanks to a new site that just launched, even toddlers can get into the social-networking game. Eve Troeh reports.
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Pay teachers, not hedge-fund managers

There's a little-known tax loophole that should, and just might, be closed, says commentator Robert Reich, thanks to the fury over Wall Street.

Is a drop in oil prices good news?

Don't look now, but oil prices are suddenly slipping. Bob Moon reports on whether this is cause for celebration or worry.
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Protecting taxpayers from derivatives

The Senate is still wrestling over key aspects of the financial overhaul bill, and one sticking point comes in the form of derivatives. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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